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The Process

To successfully implement the language toggler for your Wild Apricot powered website you will need to follow the next few steps.  We've listed these steps in a specific order to keep the buttons and pages from looking awkward (or "unskinned" as we call it) as much as possible during the entire process.

We'll first be adding some preliminary Cascading Style Sheet code (or CSS) to make sure our language toggler buttons will look "decent" when they first appear on the website. We'll then be adding the 2nd language's home page which we'll use as a reference in the JavaScript code in the step that follows to help power the toggler functionality. After we've made a few necessary, but minor, customizations to the JavaScript we'll be ready to finalize the whole process by customizing the language toggler buttons to better match your own website's aesthetics.

Follow the steps to the right or in the pull down menu above and you should have a working language toggler up and running in no time.
 Let's start, shall we » 

Step 0: Backup Your Site's Code!

Step 1: Adding the CSS

Step 2: Adding a 2nd Home Page

Step 3: Adding the JavaScript

Step 4: Finalizing Your Site

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