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Do you need to show unique content

based on a visitor's chosen language?

Well look no further! In the following pages you'll find helpful walk-throughs and all the necessary code for enabling a 2nd language on your Wild Apricot powered website. These tutorials are being provided to the Wild Apricot community as-is and certain elements will need to be customized for each website depending on your organization's needs. 

We understand not everyone using Wild Apricot as their Content Management System (CMS) is experienced in using website development languages like JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so we'll do our best to keep things simple enough for even the beginners out there. We hope that by using this website as a reference you'll be able to integrate the basic functionality needed to make the language toggler work with minimal effort. 

If you get stuck along the way and need additional help adding this functionality or are interested in integrating other custom functionality, please contact us using the information below to learn more about our web design and development services. 

Felix Figuereo  |  Managing Director  |  (912) 441-7011  |  info@nicasiodesign.com

You can also check out our website at http://nicasiodesign.com/ for more information on other services we offer for our Wild Apricot clients and even view some of our Wild Apricot projects by visiting the Wild Apricot Partner Directory.
 What This Isn't » 

The functionality outlined on this website will not translate content for you. If you need translator services you may want to consider a free service like Google Translate or hiring a professional translator to create custom content for your website.

 Getting Started » 

We've outlined the necessary steps with helpful screen shots and tips to make the integration as seamless as possible for you and your website visitors. 

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