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Step 0: Backup Your Site's Code

It is ALWAYS a good practice to remember to backup your work before making even the smallest of edits to any of your website's code, theme files, or even page content. The smallest mistake in code can potentially break your website or specific functionality within the website so please take a moment to read the instructions below before proceeding to Step 1.

To backup the code visit the following two sections in your own Wild Apricot admin and select/highlight all the content within the editors and then press CTRL+C (for Windows users) or CMD+C (for Mac users) to copy the content. Then open up a plain text editor like "Notepad" (for Windows users) or "TextEdit" (for Mac users, making sure you have the Rich Text editing option turned off) then paste the content into the document by pressing CTRL+V or CMD+V and save these documents as plain text files (they should have a file extension of .txt after saving).

We'll be adding code to the [Settings] > "CSS customization" section...

Accessing the CSS customization Section

And the [Settings] > "Global javascript" section...

Accessing the Global javascript Section

So you've got your backups saved, right?

Good! Now let's get to the language toggler with Step 1: Adding the CSS.

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» Step 0: Backup Your Site's Code

Step 1: Adding the CSS

Step 2: Adding a 2nd Home Page

Step 3: Adding the JavaScript

Step 4: Finalizing Your Site

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