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Step 1: Adding the CSS

 Grab the CSS: 

You will need to visit the following page to copy the preliminary StyleSheet code used to prepare the default toggler positioning and styling.

Click the link below then highlight/select all of the content then press CTRL+C (for Windows users) or CMD+C (for Mac users) to copy the content...

 Add the CSS: 

Once you've copied all the code you'll need to paste it into your own website's admin section called "CSS customization." To do so, go to [Settings] > "CSS customization"...

Now paste the CSS code into the "Editor" textarea and click on the "Apply & Close" button to save your changes. If you already have some custom code in this area you may need to paste the Language Toggler CSS below any other custom CSS that already exists...

Adding the CSS to the CSS

Nothing new should be visible on your website at this time as the toggler buttons don't actually get added to the site until Step 3 so you can ignore how the buttons are styled by default until we are ready to finalize the CSS later on.

With that we are ready to proceed to Step 2: Adding a 2nd Home Page
 The Process » 

Step 0: Backup Your Site's Code

» Step 1: Adding the CSS

Step 2: Adding a 2nd Home Page

Step 3: Adding the JavaScript

Step 4: Finalizing Your Site

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